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What does the brand capture young people? The advertisement of Rui Xing coffee gives the answer.

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Source: marketing tactics Author: South chess
At the beginning of August, Alibaba and Starbucks formally reached strategic cooperation. Takeaway is the highlight of cooperation. Not only did Starbucks design special delivery packages, warm and cold distribution boxes, but also set up a dedicated distribution team, the box-and-horse shop will also create Starbucks "outgoing Star Kitchen". It is speculated that Starbucks has opened up the export market because of the first negative growth in nine years in China, where expectations are high. The underlying reason for the poor performance of the market has to do with the rise of Internet coffee such as Ruixing.
The media have always liked to describe the relationship between Ruixin coffee and Starbucks with such gunpowder terms as "countermark", "call the shots", "stop", "knock the dead" and so on. In May this year, Ruixin released an open letter criticizing Starbucks for alleged violations of the Antitrust Act and suing Starbucks in the courts of the cities concerned. Starbucks also subsequently responded by saying it had no intention of participating in other brands'marketing operations and welcomed orderly competition. After the release of the letter, Ruixin became the target of ridicule. But ridicule to ridicule, in the "near" Starbucks this traffic pronoun, Ruixing coffee exposure frequency is also significantly higher.
In Ruixing Coffee's new commercial, "young", "independent" and "independent" advertising core is also thought to be directed at Starbucks, some people speculate that the core of the advertising transmission is Ruixing Starbucks dare not break through a fixed thinking and operating mode of diss. These self-conscious copywriting, refreshing shooting techniques, so that the advertising film "I have a reason for myself" once launched in the circle of friends quickly became popular, won a snowflake-like forwarding, and lucky coffee captured young people's way, can also be seen in this advertisement.