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China is a major beekeeper and honey producer in the world: the annual output of honey accounts for more than a quarter of the world's total output, and many industrial indicators are among the highest in the world. The relevant data shows that China’s annual output of honey reached 488,000 tons in 2017, ranking first in the world.


China is a major consumer of honey. At present, there is still a big gap between the per capita annual consumption of honey in China and the developed countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health care consciousness, the consumption of honey in China will continue to grow rapidly. In the next decade, the per capita annual consumption of honey in China will double.

Industry background

Introduction to the exhibition

The bee industry exhibition area is established on the basis of a large number of professional agents, distributors, major chain supermarkets, e-commerce and other distributor resources, as well as diversified and accurate promotion advantages to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, improve the overall quality of the industry, and promote the integration and development of nutritional consumption and beekeeping science.


The Bee Industry Exhibition Area and 2019 Chongqing International Bee Industry Expo will focus on honey products, beekeeping tools, equipment and related technologies and services. Bee industry experts and scholars, researchers and beekeepers gathered at the exhibition to discuss the future development trend of the international bee industry and the concept of beekeeping in the new era. It is not only a highly professional high-quality product display platform, but also a link to promote exchanges and learning between industries at home and abroad.

Introduction to the sponsor

The Apicultural Science Association of China is a national first-class beekeeping association with independent legal personality approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and reviewed and registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It covers national beekeeping and the production, teaching, processing, operation and management of bee products in China, and is the only beekeeping social group with academic authority in China.

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd is the leading professional exhibition and conference organizer in China's one health field. Its health and nutrition sector exhibition is over 40,000 square meters in size, which brings together more than tens of thousands of health nutrition products from 1,200 leading global brands and attracts 100,000 professional distributors and terminal purchasers to visit and negotiate. Through high-end and original product display, innovative and unique interactive experience, professional cutting-edge information sharing, and accurate and effective business docking, the exhibition will help domestic and foreign brands to further explore China's business channels, open up business opportunities and achieve a win-win future.

Exhibition category

Natural bee products:

honey, bee glue, royal jelly, bee wax, bee pollen, bee pupa, etc.


Honey processing products:

royal jelly capsules, royal jelly lyophilized powder, royal jelly oral liquid, bee wine, honey food, bee pollen powder, bee venom powder, bee glue beauty products


Beekeeping tools:

beehive, bee spleen, partition, hive tool, bee sweep, nest frame, septum, bee veil, honey shaker, smoker, filter screen, honey barrel, pulp bottle, pollen trap


Technology and equipment:

concentration equipment, filling machine, filtration equipment, cleaning equipment, packaging equipment, drying equipment, storage equipment, detection instrument, breeding technology, feeding technology, scientific research consultation, bee pathology and prevention of bee diseases, packaging design of bee products, etc.


Bee product health chain, shop franchise, beekeeping factories, cooperatives, etc.

1.Five Exhibitions to Build a Flagship Exhibition of One Health Industry

In the same period, the International Natural Health and Nutrition Expo, the International Natural Food and Beverage Expo, the China International Healthcare Expo, and PHARMCHINA were held. The scale of the exhibition exceeded 100,000 square meters. The annual event of the one health industry was created, and the industry is deeply interactive, providing the honey industry with an efficient platform to promote the brand and open up the market.


2.Excellent Resources to Help Open up Diversified Business Opportunities

It relies on huge channel resources (professional agents, distributors, e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce, department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, health products stores, micro-business, social retail, etc.), covers diversified online and offline commercial resources, and has gained the support of domestic and foreign industry associations and organizations to build a complete business and trade service chain and achieve efficient exchanges and cooperation at all ends of the industry.


3.Health Fairs Bring Together Global High-quality Goods and Innovative Play Styles

Guided by product innovation and consumer trends, it carefully selects high-quality products and brings together original and interesting interactive experience exchange activities. Consumer scenarios are reproduced and industry trends are presented through taste test, brand flash, lucky star, nutrition lecture hall, VR experience, etc., thus providing more opportunities for the exhibition of high-quality brands and innovative products.


4.Witness the Birth of the Next Hot Sale through Social Contact and Group Purchase

The high-flow gold-brand shops and teams of Jushi Social Contact and Group Purchase Platform open up online and offline marketing channels, help traditional enterprises to transform to "new retail", put new products on the market in a quick manner, and convert them into "best-selling" and "hot sales".


5.Media Communication Enhances Brand Recognition

Aiming at professional audiences and buyers, it will help you promote products and shape corporate image. It launches multi-directional online and offline marketing campaigns, relies on the full cycle of publicity to improve the success rate of on-site negotiations, promote product sales, expand the market, and enhance brand recognition.

Promotion channels include the follows: mobile phone, e-mail, official website, official WeChat, print, media interview, special session, technology / product promotion

Reasons for exhibition



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